Bible Classes

Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Our Sunday morning Bible classes rotate on a quarterly basis:

  • Summer quarter runs from June to August.
  • Fall quarter runs from September to November.  Students graduate to subsequent classes in the Fall quarter.
  • Winter quarter runs from December to December to February.
  • Spring quarter runs from March to May.

Sunday morning classes are typically separated into the following age ranges:

  • Cradle Roll:  This class is for toddlers, aged 18 months to 3 years old.  Content involves active learning with materials (books, toys, videos etc). that depict scenes from various Bible stories.
  • Pre-School to Kindergarten:  This class is for children aged 3 years old to 6 years old.  Content encourages the kids to personalize their relationship with God and His  Son Jesus as well as introduce Church worship practices.  Curriculum used is both purchased and custom.
  • 1st Through 3rd Grade Class:  This class builds upon foundation laid in the previous class. It further encourages students to build their faith and prepare for becoming Christians.  The curriculum used is primarily based on 21st Century Christian materials.  Basic familiarity with the organization of the Bible is taught.
  • 4th Through 8th Grade Class:   This is a discussion-based class.  Age appropriate curriculum from Anchorsaway Materials is being used to facilitate class.
  • High School to College Class:  This class is currently studying prophecies around the birth of Christ and his second coming.

Please be aware that the curriculum and class arrangements will change in Fall Quarter beginning in September 2013.

We also offer Adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings.  This quarter, we are studying the book The Good and Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith.  Head on over to our Adult Bible Class page for more details.

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